Motion Capture: Recording the data/cortex/Motionbuilder

I am quite fortunate to have a friend named Jenny who was happy put on the mocap suit not once but twice. For some reason we had technical difficulties with the first capture session so had to go back. In preparation for my trails, I asked her to do a series of basic moves: Happy, sad, angry, etc, as well as a hip bend and turn.

Here is a photo of what such a good sport she is.

mocap capture photo

Then after collecting the data off, I take it to the cortex suit. Fixing the data is something that does actually get easier in time, so I managed to clean all my data in a few hours. If anything can be said about it, it’s tedious and requires high attention to detail. I can’t record the screen so you will have to settle for this low budget cellphone footage. however, it does the job.

Then it’s off to motion builder where you retarget all the motion points to a character. Which led to some interesting results to start with.

More on this later!


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