MoCap – Pre-Production

Part of the paper requirement for Motion Capture is to maintain blog posts about our progress, so here it is! Bare with me as I master the art of Motion Capture.

Firstly I want to express how excited I am to be learning about this, after my first introduction to the MoCap room at AUT my excitement levels burst through the ceiling, I just hope that my output matches my enthusiasm.

The first thing we had to do was read the script and modify it to suit our vision, then create a storyboard to go with that narrative. Below the script I created based on the original.

Gozilla Script

Below is the storyboard that we worked from. (this was my storyboard, I suspect the only reason my group ended up using mine is because it was one of the only completed ones) I do believe that I have created quite a strong narrative for our scene, though.

Godzilla Storyboard

Check out the next blog post to how we filmed this in the MoCap room at AUT.


  1. Hey Emily! Great to see your work in action. The drawing of your characters getting squished made me laugh. They drawing style contrasts nicely with what comes before it.

    Just a quick note: the “blog post” link above has the wrong URL and is going to a broken page.

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