Beef Eating Walk cycle testing will be the death of me.

Okay, yeah, I know that’s a dramatic title, but animating with Beefy is so hard, his poor little legs are too short, and his back is too long. Which in hindsight is the same affliction as my family, we all have short legs and a long back. I’ve decided I’m happy enough with him as he is and its time to move on to the next character.

What is my animation going to be about anyway?

Every time someone asks me, “What’s your Masters about?” it changes. And at first, I was worried that this was a bad thing. now I see that it’s actually a good thing. This most recent update to this was this morning when I was asked and I really liked the answer I gave.

An animated investigation into the generational Romany ethnic identity of my family. 

It feels more in line with what I am trying to research and say with my work.

This means I will need to interview my Dad again because I want to look further into the reasons why my parents moved to New Zealand. I would also like to talk to my siblings, and also to my own children to see how our relationship with our ethnicity has changed over these three generations.

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