freak-out-1Well, as you can probably tell this website has been a bit neglected. Neglected, not forgotten. I’ve been busy behind the scenes doing the odd design job but my primary focus these days, other than raising my gorgeous kids, is University. I started a Bachelors’ Degree in Digital Design, majoring in Animation and Special Effects at the beginning of this year so instead of ignore my blog I will post how I am going and what I am doing. There are people who tell me they are interested in my journey to Maya Autodesk mastering so here you go!

So now I have stated my intention I guess I should give a short update.

I’ve completed four assignments so far. 3D animated bouncing balls, A Filmiute, A presentation on a still frame of Ratatouille, and a Short Movie utilising chase scenes. I’ve done well in the first three, still waiting on the marks for the forth.

Next up, a character walk assignment, a ‘test’ on animation theory, a Critical Analysis Essay and Game Design. The last three I AM freaking out about.


The above photo is a stock image representation of me freaking out about the upcoming assignments!



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