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Words Hold Power – Final Video

I have really enjoyed this semester of MoCap, last year I don’t think I truly don’t think I got it, but having the freedom to create a piece of art that means something really captivated my imagination.

As an artist, I never know when my next bit of inspiration will strike, so it was really serendipity when I glanced at the poster on the bus stop. One thought really changed the direction of my idea, and I am glad I did, as I am proud of the result.

I have learned a lot this semester that will not only aid me with my future MoCap endeavours but also supplemented my knowledge and skill for my Major of Animation. I found the tutorials especially helpful.

I still feel like I need to improve upon so much, and wish that my skill level matched my visions. If I could improve upon this sequence then I would have to say that I would do something more creative when swapping between rigs. I did experiment with nCloth, but in the end decided to keep it simple so the message was preserved.

I would like to explore particle effects more in the future; however, they just did not fit with my vision for this project.

Below is the final version.

And This is the ‘making of the video’, I quite like watching it along with the video of Mel’s live dance.