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Brother Monkey World Warrior Game: Game Sound Design

I always keep my notebook in my bag.
I always keep my notebook in my bag.

I had no idea how important sound was to film and media until I started this Degree. Now I have become aware of it, it’s hard to image I never used to give it much thought. During class last week, Britta took us through the mechanics of sound design for games which have helped me have a clearer idea of what I want my sounds to be like. considering I am designing a game for 5 to 10-year-olds I don’t want the music to be too intrusive which is why I have to decide to opt for subtle jungle sounds and sound effects.


At this point I still need to figure out how to get the sound effects to work on Construct2, so once I have cracked this I’ll come back and add it here!

Some things to keep in mind while designing the sound are Atmosphere, Surrounding, soundscape, sound effects versus soundtrack.

For level two, I am thinking of having the background jungle sounds, but when the diggers arrive to knock down the trees that the music will stop entirely. And start back up when Brother Monkey starts his quest.


mixcraftWell, after some very minimal sleep I set to creating the sound I wanted for my game. I have gone with a Hawaiian theme with a guitar so that it’s not too overpowering when people play the game and included some classic game sound effects for when Brother Monkey picks up fruit or recycling.

I wanted to set a different sound for when Brother Monkey picks up the 5ht bit of recycling but at this point, I haven’t worked it out.

Here is a screen shot of Mix Craft, which is the audio software I use to edit music. The advantage of using this is the fact that it’s royalty free and non-copy righted. I used www.bfxr.net for the additional sound effects as I didn’t have quite the right sounds on Mix Craft.