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Platform Game: Construct2 Learning & Azure

What I learned in class.

We have had several tutorials dedicated to learning Construct2. We made a simple platform game with aliens, we made a simple AI based game, like a game of ping pong, we made a space invader type game and broke apart flappy bird.

simpleplatform2simpleplatform1 simpleai1

To be totally honest I struggled to keep up in class. Coding, even simple l coding like in construct2 Doesn’t come easily to me, and it feels like I have to repeat something 50 times before I remember it.

However, something must have stuck in my head because after a freak out I realised that I could actually do it! I spent a solid week working on the mechanics and character design before sitting down and starting to have it out with Construct. It took me an entire day to figure out how to get my recycling bin working the way I wanted it to do.

I have to give credit to Hossein for getting me started and many of my fellow classmate for giving me advice and constructive criticism, my friends and family for test driving it and my husband who also helped me figure out some of the game logic and coding. And also my kids, for all their ideas and input.

Here are a few screenshots of my Construct in the making. I’ll post more about the creation in a later blog post.

bmgame-1 bmgame-2

Microsoft Visit

constuct-learningWe were really fortunate that the team from Microsoft came in to talk to us and take us through how to create a simple Construct game and upload it to Azure. If we hadn’t had this time with them I am not sure I could have produced a game at all! They presented the information in an easy to understand way and were very patient with me when  I asked them to clarify something or go over something again with me. Having them help me set up an Azure account was really helpful, plus reminding me that we could use our One Drive account as I hadn’t even thought about using that. In fact, I hadn’t used it at all. So thank so much to them for coming in and thank you to Britta for helping arrange that.

Huge thanks to Ovishesh Oberoi and the rest of the team, you can see what they taught us by following this link.