Sample of Designem's Portfolio
, or email me with a detailed description on what you would like through my contact form for a competitive price.
What type of payments do you accept?
Bank Deposit/Transfer is preferred however if necessary you can also use Paypal or ban k check.
 Why should I read the terms and conditions?
By reading the terms and conditions it makes you aware of some points you may not have known about beforehand. By reading these you will also learn the process and time it takes to produce your artwork.
Do you do printing?
Designem does not offer printing services, however I can suggest names of printers if asked. I do not accept any liability on behalf of any printers suggested.
How do I get started?
Once you have decided on what design you would like,

please email me through my Contact Form, I will then
send you through the terms & conditions along with a
questionnaire to fill out. (You can access this form on my
website if preferred.) The questionnaire will better enable
me to design you exactly what you want. Once the deposit
has been paid work on your logo will commence.
 Who owns the design?
You will own the designs once full payment has been
made, however Designem may use your designs for
marketing purposes.  

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