Masters Research – On other work

Week 2
Monday 2nd March 2020

Today I watched several animations on the platform Kanopy. these were the 2018 animated documentary Rezo, Four Flims by Robert Ascher (1986) and Dear Janice, an infinite animation by Adam Beckett (1974).


Director: Levan Gabriadze
Writers: Revaz Gabriadze (story), Revaz Gabriadze

This is an autobiographical animated documentary narrated, and illustrated by Rezo Gabriadze, a Georgian artist, writer, and creator or a Marionette theatre.

this documentary, which is subtitled deals with idealisation surrounding humanity, and kindness during the hard times after world war 2.

It is beautifully illustrated with a sketchy ink, and watercolour style that acts out the story told by the narrator. It has fantastic use of sound, which fills in a lot of the basic animation style. Although animated with a simple 2d side scroller style it conveys well and draws the viewer into the story.

The editing flows well between the animated narration and the live-action of the narrator.

Four Films by Robert Asher
Robert Ascher
colour, 21 min, 1986

Collection of animations by Robert Ascher, these animations use the technique of drawing and painting directly onto the 35 mm film. This put me in the mind of Len Lye, which I think (I’ll have to check) is around the same time frame that he was creating this style of animation.

Dear Janice
The Infinite Animator, Adam Beckett 1974

I found Adam’s work while surfing Kanopy. He was an animator that was said to be full of promise when he was tragically died young. I find myself facinated with his animations loops, and the creative use of using a sketchy feel, with organic repeating shapes. His peice Dear Janice put me in mind of the notes my friends and I would pass during class, and the feeling of his work made me jot down words like childlike, lust, wonder, hopeful, expermental, lots of boobs, teenage boyee (in relation to the hearts sliding into boobs)

It had a rather chaotic kalidosope effect which I found a lot more intresting that I orginally thought when I first hit play.

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