Animated Doco – Recording the Audio and subsequent idea segway.

So it’s taken a bit of turn since having to actually set up an interview with the girls. I recorded 25 minutes of them talking but there was a lot of silliness and talking over each other, plus me being at a sheer loss over how to narrow it down to 40 seconds, so on a whim I got my 11-year-old to come and talk to me for five minutes (yes I had to bribe him) he spoke about Minecraft, which isn’t a huge surprise but it was nice to get his take on why he likes it too much, so it’s definitely another idea to follow.

I couldn’t really get the girls to talk about the fiasco with the speakers getting stolen at school, which is ok, so I will have a re-listen to what we have and see if there are any threads I can pull.

More research, Minecraft  focused

In the interest of following an idea for the Minecraft, I have watched a few different Minecraft animation.

Here is a compilation of the Top 5 Minecraft Animations of 2015, some of which are really good! Taking the block approach to the next level. I really liked the use of lighting in some of them and also making the characters seem more human than in the game.

There is some great use of animation principles in some of them which were great to see in a blocky animation.

I can totally see how this could be used in somehow to create an animated documentary about why my 11-year-old loves Minecraft so much.

I also saw this advert on Facebook the other day and I really liked it, so I took a screen shot so I could look it up later. I couldn’t find this exact advert so I’m glad I had a photo of it! I liked the cut-out planets and a rocket ship.

Beautiful Animation

I also really like this Step into a miniature world of animated paper wildlife short film on the national geographic YouTube page. I love the origami and the integration of real world disaster with something that is happening on the desk.

The lighting, story and modelling tell a fascinating story that kept me watching until the end. The characters and setting interweaved in and out bringing you into the story of the characters and then reminding you of the settings in an effective way. The camera angles used were well staged and there was a good use of depth of field.

Giangrande – Paper Plane

I love the textural feel of this animation and the way the hand-drawn has been incorporated into the animation. After a while you stop thinking ‘oh this is hand drawn’ and instead you are drawn into the narrative. This music video is well constructed in a narrative sense and is a great example of how you can the analogue approach to animation and apply it in a digital sense.

Excellent 2d cut out sequence

I really love how the cut-out effect flows in this short sequence. I partially like the way each cut out is made from something else, I wonder if I can use this to include some of the girl’s artwork.



Next up, the mood boards, in which there are many .. so many.

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