Positioning Statement and Formative Annotations for Assessment

Five Minute Presentation

What is a Contextual Review?

When you write a contextual review you are not describing your making process (that is research methods) you are asking yourself a series of questions:
The questions you are asking yourself are:

  1. Why am I interested in this topic or research area?
  2. What am I going to contribute to this area of research or topic that is new?
  3. How do I prove someone else hasn’t already come up with this idea?

To find out you will also need to ask…

  1. Who else is, or has been researching /working on this topic or area of research?
  2. Who else is, or has been researching /working on this topic or area of research?
  3. What did they do specifically to carry out their research? (methods?)
  4. What did they/someone say about their research/ideas? Can you find a secondary source?
  5. What did they discover?
  6. Where can I look to find out about what they did? (in academic journals, books, videos, films, talk to people, read blogs and websites, exhibitions etc..
  7. Did they say anything useful that will help me to determine if my ideas are worth researching?
  8. Or do I need to adapt and change my ideas because I’ve discovered they’ve already thought the same thing as me?
  9. What can I learn from their research?

And then I will write about what I discovered about who is working on the same research topic/area, what ideas influenced them, how is my research different to theirs whilst also being related to theirs, what ideas influenced me – did they influence me, did I disagree with them?