Brother Monkey World Warrior Game: Story

The Brief: How can a game designer intentionally ‘break the mould’ when designing a game? – How can you integrate VALUE into a game design?


That’s pretty daunting for me,  I hadn’t really thought much about making games before, but I am always up for a new challenge!

we are designing a 2D game that we can embed value in. The actual brief asked if we could address a human theme and foster the integration of that value. So after casting my mind about I started forming a plan. A Brother Monkey plan.

Brother Monkey
The starting point: Well, I might not have played too many games in the past, but one thing I know about them is that they have a story. No matter how short the story, they always have one, and this is the first task of many as we work towards the end goal of making our own platform game in Construct2. After giving it some thought here is the story I have created for my game.

Game story: The hero of the story is Brother Monkey. He is loving, compassionate and lives in the jungle with his friend Kitty Cat Girl. They love their life in the Jungle, swinging and jumping from branch to branch, until one day something bad happens.

Men come with big diggers and start to knock their tree home down. The men are removing the jungle and replacing it with Palm Oil Trees where Brother Monkey and Kitty Cat Girl can’t live. They try to convince then men to spare their homes, but the men won’t listen. So Brother Monkey has to figure out a way to stop the diggers from destroying any more trees.

Once the diggers have been disabled Brother Monkey says goodbye to Kitty Cat Girls and go’s in search of the President to tell him to stop destroying their home. On the way, he teaches people about the importance of preserving our environment.

The goal: Save Brother Monkey’s jungle home and teach people about how they can protect the environment. Educate people about what kind of products could have palm oil in them.

Up next! My next post will have some character development!


  1. Haley says:

    Sounds good! What age range are you thinking of? Kids or kids and young teens? Universal?

    Are you wanting this to be an educational game or just a game with a moral? It would be easy to have the moral take over and lose game play fun with a big dose of ‘educating’. However if you are going for the educational theme as the basis then no worries!
    Things to keep in mind 🙂

    Look forward to hearing more!

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