DefininEmily Matthewsg myself as a ‘Designer’ is a big part of my identity so doing anything else just seemed unnatural (trust me on this! I tried my hand at a few things before coming back to where I belong). I have worked professionally in the design industry for the past twelve years after having completed a degree in Design and Multimedia and I have loved every minute of it. I am a born artist and feel very lucky to work with one of my major passions.

I founded Designem in 2007, and this is the third recreation of my website and blog. Each time I reinvent my identity it has given me an opportunity for personal growth and to learn something new.

Versatility is something I consider to be one of my greatest strengths, as I have a wide skill range which encompasses many different software and design solutions. I am naturally curious so I’m always seeking opportunities to develop my skill with both print and digital media. My continued research and experimentation with new techniques help to expand my knowledge, while also allowing me to keep current with new technology. I participate in several on-line design communities and like to keep up to date with the latest trends.

On a more personal note, I am also a full-time Mum, with three beautiful children, who I lovingly refer to as Captain Chaos, who is currently ten and the Trouble Monsters who are seven! I am now studying Digital Design full time at AUT majoring in Animation with a minor in Motion Capture, so to answer your question, yes I am busy! I work from home and juggle a house, family and study. Even though there are times when I think I could do with a Nanny, or at the very least a cleaner , all I have to do is remember how lucky we are to be given such gifts. I get to watch my children grow up, learn and change every day, while setting an example for them, letting them know that a woman can do whatever she sets her mind too.