Viral Marketing, Social Media and Project Floors NZ!

Project Floors NZ

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to give my heart felt thanks to Project Floors for sending me some FREE wine! Now, you may ask yourself, why did they give you free wine? And that would be a very good question. Who are Project Floors and why did they send me wine?

Project Floors are a company who have recently started their Facebook business page and found a very effective way of spreading the word to ‘like’ their page without it seems breaking any Facebook Terms and Conditions. Very very crafty indeed. What they did was spread the seed that the first 1000 people to like their Facebook book page and email Dan from Project Floors would receive a FREE bottle of wine! To be honest my naturally suspicious mind made me hesitant to turn over my address details to an unknown entity, but after doing a bit of research to the legitimacy of the wine claim and the company I relented to lure of free alcohol and emailed him.

Word of the free wine spread like wild fire through Facebook, it seems it really does make the world a smaller place, and I noticed many of my friends from all walks of life also claiming their free wine and passing the word on, to their friends, and their friends and on and on until now they have 1,022 likers. An amazing achievement since I started my page only a year ago and am still sitting on 430ish (not complaining, I love every single one of you!)

Most of you who know Facebook, know there are many rules and regulations of what you can and can’t do when promoting your Facebook Business Page, so I have to commend Project Floors on a Social Media Campaign well run! And since they have kept me well bribed with my liquid gold I’m going to give them 25% off if they want to hire me to create them a fancy new logo to align with their company moto ‘The up-to-date company’.

And this leads me to their second part of their ploy to keep their likers coming back for more .. most creative placement of their business card! Well, my first thought was to place it in my cleavage, but erh .. well it’s not exactly the best public image to present, and also in my haste to remove the wine from it’s casing I accidentally ripped it heh. So yes, this is part of my creative placement. On the interwebs, my blog and on my very own beloved Facebook Business Page!

So, if you are in the market for some new flooring, please go check out their website, and perhaps even like their business page on Facebook!

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