Posh Britches – Logo development

Posh Britches

Well, I am the first to admit I have been rather busy recently. Being a Work from home Mum means I don’t get a lot of time left over, and when I do, I have to use it wisely which means my poor old blog seems to get neglected. This post has been sitting in my drafts since June!

Since time is of the essence, and I have several more logos to show you to bring me up to date I shall just keep this short and sweet. I really love the way this logo has turned out, and I am also pleased to announce that this is another logo of mine that has received it’s registered Trade Mark. (Ponders .. perhaps I should do that for mine heh)

Posh Britches is the brain child of Sacha, who wants to bring comfortable but attractive underwear to Mamma’s post C-Section. Having had a c/s with my twin girls I can assure you there is a serious lack of supportive sexy underwear! You can find out more about Posh Britches on their Facebook page.

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