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Mums Review Logo Design

This is the logo I designed for MUMSreview. The development of this logo actually led me to design the new look and feel of this website! One of the original versions included my little Babushka Dolls. I knew as soon as I had created them that I felt that they were suppose to be mine, but I still let Deb from MUMSreview see them first, and I have to say I was elated that she said, although she liked them, they weren’t quite what she was looking for. I told her how relieved I was to hear that since I wanted to keep them for myself. I suppose that also tells you how far behind I have gotten with my blogging! Naughty Emily. I promise to make a better effort at keeping up.

Below is just a tiny bit of the development that went in to the creation. As you can see it made quite a jump from where I started to where it ended up.

MumsReview Logo Development

About MUMSreview

MUMSreview provides companies the opportunity to get their products trialed by members who will in turn provide a review which can be read by any member of the public.
In doing so we are raising awareness of many different products out there and providing an honest opinion on just how good those products are.
It is not all about obtaining products to trial, but also for members to place their own experiences with different products so that we hopefully end up with a wide range of products that hopefully will encourage other Mums to go out and purchase, knowing that they are buying what is right for them.

You can find out how you can become a member on their website MUMSreview, you can also go show them a little love by ‘liking’ them on Facebook and keep up to-date with all the latest reviews on their blog.


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