New Directions – Storyboard of a design

Well, I sort of ran in a brick wall as far as coming up with a new design. I was running around in circles so I decided to take a step back from it and do a couple of side things. Which, I am surprised to announce worked! And within a day I had come up with a design concept, which I LOVE. I sooo want to reveal it, but their is a bigger part of me that wants to keep it under wraps. Today I am starting the html version, before I convert it to a WordPress theme so instead I will leave you with a bit more of the research I have done and the vector image of myself that has spun the concept.

Direction Change, Ideas for Designem's new website

The main idea is to keep it as clean and simple as possible so my portfolio pieces will pop, but at the same time showcase my ability and keep that essential me.

Emily in Vectors

Oh and before I sign off for today another part of the new design came from an concept I did for a client. I knew as soon as I designed it I knew I WANTED it, and had a little battle inside myself before I sent it off. Lucky for me although she said she loved it, it wasn’t what she was looking for. MWHAH which means I can keep it for myself (and back to the drawing board for that design heh).

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