Fishing (figuratively speaking) – Story Board of a Design

Casting for ideas

Seriously, that is all I could think to call it. I really struggle to design for myself! I guess it’s been a while since I have had too acutally do this. I forgot what a bad bad client I am!

After my initial certainty any creative flair seems to have left the building. Well maybe not entirely because I have come up with the following things.

I assembled a few images that I either felt inspired by or  felt conveyed what I wanted my personal brand to reflect.

The things I would like to see included

  • Kiwiana
  • My Son the aptly named Cptain Chaos
  • My twin daughters otherwise known as the Trouble Monsters
  • My design ability
  • Water colour
  • Bright
  • Clean
  • Easy to navigate

Images for Ideas

The following images are a collection I have assembled to help inspire my new design direction.

Images for Ideas

And here is what I have so far … FAR from complete, and to be honest causing more frustration than completion! But in the interest of keeping this diary as accurate as possible this is what you get! All my brain mush ūüôā

Idea one

One thing I am certain I want to include is the fact that I am a Mother, who knows how to balance her work/home life. Which when you’re a freelancer who works from home is something you must have a VERY good handle on. Even more so when you have three littlies!

Stay tuned for the next installment, lets hope I will have something a bit more ‘exciting’ . Why don’t you hit the subscribe button to get my posts in your inbox =oD

Also, if you follow me on Facebook, you will see that I am still running a ‘competition‘ to win a free logo design when we reach ‘300’ likers! A goal that seemed near on impossible when I set it (when we were around 120) But with only 40 people to go I can see that number within my sites.

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