One Small Step for Cooper

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that to raise awareness for Random Act of Kindness Day I put it out there that I would like to do something, and for people to send me ideas of what I could do. And luck would have it that I got an email from Steph asking if I would be willing to design a logo for the much deserving Charity One Small Step for Cooper And of course I wanted to!

Here it is

One Small Step Logo

Here is a little about One Small Step for Cooper (Taken from Website)

In his first two years Cooper has been through more than many of us will face in a lifetime. Follow his journey through various treatment and rehabilitation programs. And join in our hope that Cooper will begin by taking one small step.
Soon after his first birthday Cooper fell ill. After misdiagnosis and many unanswered questions, scans revealed a hematoma on his spine. At 13 months of age Cooper underwent a major operation to remove the bleed.

Whilst recovering in hospital Cooper’s condition worsened. He was in immense pain and unable to walk. Doctor’s administered strong pain relief, which tragically masked the symptoms that Cooper’s spinal cord was being compressed by a second bleed.

20 hours later Cooper was rushed to emergency surgery. The heartbreaking result is that Cooper is now a quadriplegic and, to this day, he has not regained movement from his chest down.

In the last year Cooper has undergone numerous operations, had dozens of scans, and spent months in hospital.

You can follow Coopers rehabilitation Journey on his blog :

You can help support Coopers rehabilitation by purchasing a raffle ticket from here Raffle Tickets

Check out Coopers Facebook Fan Page


  1. Laura Pulini says:

    Hi Emily
    Just wanted to send a massive thank you from our family for the logo you’ve designed for Cooper’s site. We all love it and appreciate your support so much. Check out the blog when you get a chance as we’ve updated it to include the new logo. Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks again
    Laura (Cooper’s aunty)

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