Upper Cut Hair Design – Logo Development

Upper Cut Hair Design is a hair salon run by Kelly Trye. She has a professional salon in her home where clients will get a relaxing, pampering experience with all the trimmings.

Now to be honest, this was a logo that didn’t come easy. In a way it makes it more interesting as I had to push myself further with both the research aspect and liaising with the client. But, we did get there in the end! And this is the result.

Upper Cut Hair Design Logo

There were Four different phases to this design. The first being the research component. The research being perhaps the most valuable step, as this is where you gather your information from the client and assemble ideas for the design. After going through my Client Work sheet I came up with a brief for this logo. This when I will email the client so that we are all on the same page.

In this case the brief was to have the logo convey:
• Approachability
• people feel good about themselves
• Listen
• Salon built in your home is professional
• Target market is 22-45 age, easy going, hard working, woman that want to be pampered and have time out from life
• Use already established colour and look

The design was to be:
• Funky
• Clear
• Easily recognizable
• People will link the image with “Upper Cut Hair Design”

Upper Cut Hair Design Research

Then the logo development it’s self. I usually use a mixture of drawings in my sketch book and Illustrator. Here is cross section of some of the stages I went though.

Upper Cut Hair Design Logo Development 1
Upper Cut Hair Design Logo Development 2

Then after a few false starts and dead ends I asked the client to ‘trawl’ the internet and send me a few pictures of what she acutally envisioned her logo too look like. Although I was already heading in that direction I felt it was necessary to prohibit myself from ‘wasting’ any more time.

Upper Cut Hair Design Additional Research

Upper Cut Hair Design Logo Development 3

And here is the final design signed off by the client

Upper Cut Hair Design Final Logo

Check out www.uppercuthd.co.nz and become a fan on their Facebook Page


  1. Kelly Trye says:

    Hadn’t thought of that Felicity! Good thinking 😀

    Em you should put up the one with the green background too, that has had some wonderful back also, with the glowing effect around the edges.

  2. Felicity says:

    Nice work Em, it’s good to see you really digging down to find out what the client wants, rather than just running off a bunch of boring generic template designs like some places do.

    I think the final design looks very professional. The colour version is good, but I especially like this logo in black and white – it doesn’t lose anything by being produced in monochrome, so will be economic to print too.

    Very nice!

  3. Kelly Trye says:

    Love seeing your process!! There are some awesome ideas up there too, ones I have not seen.

    Thankyou so much for your time, patience and creativity xxxx

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